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Sickness is not the will of God!

Do you know what Jesus sacrifice on the cross gives you?

As believers, you’d probably say to save us from our sin and to give us eternal life – that when we die, we will have access to Heaven.

That is truth, but how about for our current life, while we’re still here, alive on earth?

It will take hours or even days of teaching to cover all the benefits Jesus has given us through His death and resurrection, but today I just want to zero in on the topic of our health. I hear often from believers and non-believers alike, “Is it God’s will that I am sick? I have prayed but I am still sick.”

Instead of relying on human and their wisdom, let’s go back to the Source, shall we? Let's see what the One who created us has to say.

The revelation

I was dealing with a long time chronic gut sickness and one morning Abba showed me this:

“There is no doubt that Jesus has contained your anxiety, calamity, disease, and sickness and He carried them, literally, all your pain. Although the world took it that He was crucified because He was punished by Me. But the truth is, Jesus was broken to pay for your sins and rebellions, He was crushed to pay for your evil; He paid the price of your safety, happiness, favour, good health, peace, prosperity, rest, welfare, good relationship with Me and with others. Believe that by His bruises and wounds, you are healed!”

Beloved, read it again and meditate upon the above; it's taken purely from Isaiah 53:4-5, and the interpretation is based on what His Holy Spirit showed me.

Jesus’ crucifixion is not fictional or just some historical event in the past. It’s Abba’s perfect and utmost expression of His love for us.

You see, God's heart for us is to be healthy, free from any sicknesses and diseases. The Bible is clear about this, especially in Isaiah 53:4-5, there’s no other interpretation than what it’s clearly stated there. Why else would a loving God and Father gave His only beloved begotten Son to endure unthinkable cruelty? Well, it’s to pay the price of our sin! Sin has brought death, curse, and sickness. Someone has to pay for it, but not just anybody, he has to be blameless and without sin. That’s why He sent His Son to be born as human as our sin offering; the first man Adam fell into sin and hence a man must be the redeemer.

Beloved, Jesus has paid the price, so we don't have to! We are already healed, stand on that truth and reject the lies that the lying symptoms scream in your body.

Partake in the Lord’s Supper

Partake in the Lord's communion every day, His body and His blood, just as Jesus commanded. His body was broken to give us perfect health and divine healing. His blood was shed to redeem us from sin, death, and curses – that we are now made the sons and daughters of God, that we are the righteousness of God in Christ.

If you are not sure how to partake in the Lord's Supper, simply prepare a piece of bread and a cup of water/ grape juice and Saya prayer based on the Scripture above with faith. Here’s the prayer that me and my family use most of the time:

(Hold the piece of bread in your hand)

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the sacrifice you made on the cross. You endured such unthinkable suffering and cruel scourging for me. You let Your body be broken to give me perfect health and I believe every stripe and bruise on Your body speaks of redemption for my body from any sickness an disease. I believe with all my heart that Your word is true: You said by Your stripes, I am healed, so that shall be the truth for my health. I now partake Your body, Jesus, with gratefulness, amen.

(Hold the cup in your hand – it can be water or grape juice)

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this cup of the new covenant, where You shed Your blood to redeem me from sins and death. With Your previous blood, You have given me eternal life and set me free from any curses and condemnations. Now God's favour crowns my head, I have all the blessings in Deuteronomy 28, and I am perfectly protected from any evil and danger. Thank you, Jesus. I believe I am the righteousness of God through you, Lord. Now I partake Your blood Jesus, amen.

The Lord’s Supper is God’s secret weapon to give us divine health but sadly, many believers are not partaking this and they wonder why they don’t experience supernatural healing.

Beloved, do it daily, alone or with your family, and be blessed. For me, I do it as often as I can, especially if I experience any pain/ physical symptoms in my body, I can take it 3-5 times a day and I would see the pain go away after that. Sometimes, He will give me wisdom on what to eat or what not to eat and I will see healing manifest. God can do it through any way.

Last but not least, do remember that before or when you partake, meditate upon the truth above and believe it with all your heart. You will surely see divine healing and divine health manifest in your body.

Amen, amen.

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