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What we do

Ministry of God’s heart & voice
As daughters of Abba God, we just want to carry His heart and His voice, first for His people, but also for the world. Because He loves the world so much! He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die for us that if we believe in His Son, we will not perish but have eternal life . More than ever, God is longing for us to know how He's here for us and that His plan for us is good, a plan that is full of peace and of good future.


We do this by sharing the word in the season that He’s spoken to us at MALKA Ministries. We believe His living words are timely and they bring healing and deliverance for the broken, the hurting, and the lost. Because His words are spirit and they are life, just like Jesus said in John 6:63.

Missions to the nations
We will bring the Gospel, which means good news, of Jesus Christ to the lost all over the world, to establish His Kingdom on earth: food for the hungry, provisions for the poor, healing for the sick, life for the dying. We do this by partnering with other ministries who share the same values and love for Jesus.

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