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Pray for America

Church, take time to read this and learn why you should care.

MALKA Ministries was birthed after I heard Abba's voice, "My children has to stop fighting." That was back in April, when the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak. He then started to reveal more and more about the situations and what He wanted us His children to focus and do.

Five months later, depending which country you are in right now, we have somewhat regained some 'freedom' to living our lives, with certain restrictions still in place. Abba indeed has given this year as the time to rest, but the crisis is far from being over.

One major occasion I want to bring up to your attention right now is the USA presidential election.

Why should you care?

Because USA was built by God on the foundations of His words. It's not a coincidence that it's the mightiest nation on earth today. God has also called this nation to protect and give aid to His beloved nation, Israel. America plays a very important role during the end times.

Do not believe what the mainstream media are saying. Like what prophet Lance Wallnau said, they are the modern day false prophets of Baal. They have been relentless in trying to tear down Donald Trump since day one. But Donald Trump is God's chosen man to lead America. Any real believer in America knows this.

The Holy Spirit revealed it to me back in 2016.

Around that time, Abba led me to start following the USA election process, which I had zero interest and knowledge in the first place. I knew nothing about the US politics even the most basic thing like democrats vs. republican. But I started to watch the news and do much reading.

In a very short time, I had a very good grasp about the landscape and started praying for Trump to win the election, even though the mainstream media (except Fox News) depicted a very bad picture of him. But when I listened to him during the presidential debates, I was impressed with his plan, principals, and wisdom. I recognised Abba's hand upon him.

I also sensed at that time, there's something evil about Hillary not understanding why. And this year, I have at least five reputable prophets echoed and confirmed that! Truly the Spirit was revealing that to me even when I had no knowledge of the US political world.

So I prayed and started prophesying for Trump to win the election. Praise Abba that He won.

Now it's time for the election, re-election that is for Trump. And once again, Abba stirred in me the passion to pray for him.

The church is not ready and needs more grace period

Back in May, I was listening to one sermon by Rev. Neville Johnson (recorded in 2017) and he said that if Trump doesn't win this time, a woman would become the president and she's much worse than Hillary. I shivered when I heard that for I had quite a good idea how evil Hillary was when I did my research in 2016.

Rev. Johnson said that if Trump wins, that will give America and the world extra grace period, which the church especially needs as it's not ready for the things that soon will unfold.

It's a know thing that China is trying to get control of USA government and it has started its moves since years ago. And if Trump loses, China will take over America's place to control the economy of the world, and that is not a good news.

About more than a week ago, Kamala Harris was announced as VP candidate for Joe Biden. When I read that news, I had the same shiver I felt and I remembered what Rev. Neville said. Now Biden is really just a seat warmer and if they win, Kamala will move forward as president as Biden will be told to "resign".

Believers, we need to pray. I urge you to watch this prophetic sharing by Lance Wallnau, he explained it so well the Spirit in your will bear witness. It will also shed light about why you should care.

We are in the end times. The church needs to wake up and start building the House of God and His walls, just like the time of Haggai, Zerubbabel, Joshua, and Nehemiah. Trump is the modern day Cyrus that God will use to bring deliverance for America, just like Cyrus for Israel in the book of Daniel, as well as in Isaiah 45.

The impact of USA election result is worldwide. It will impact you and I, and also Israel. That is why we need to pray. The church needs to stop building their own house, their own ministry, their own names, and be in unity to pray for God's agenda for the end times. Exactly what I shared in the very first blog MALKA Ministries ever published.

You might be reading this and thinking that this is another gloom and doom message, and not quite something you want to hear. The truth is, the days are not getting better, we are soon entering the tribulations as the book of Revelations describes. And you can choose to shut your eyes and ears to the truth, but famine and tribulations will still come.

Please choose to care and start preparing yourself. We need to start praying! Pray that Trump will win the election and secure a second term. We as believers can make a difference both in the spiritual and this realms when we pray in tune to the move of the Spirit.

Let Abba's perfect will be done in these end times.

Amen, Amen.

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