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What is the most often saying of Abba in the Bible?

Al-Tirah. Hebrew for "fear not". It appears 365 times.

Abba hates fear.

Fear makes us do stupid things. Hurt our loved ones. Cave in for things that far beneath us. Give up on our inheritance. The list goes on.

And most of us have never really dealt with our fears. Worse, we give them names and reasons that make them appear less terrible.

"She/ he was unreasonable" when pushed for excellence.

"They are just too religious" when pushed for purity of walk with God.

"I can't afford to lose this job, I have family to support." when faced with choice to stand for what it's right.

This afternoon when I picked up my daughter, there was an unusual stillness at the back of the car.

I glanced at the rear mirror and ask my princess, "Are you okay?"

She started tearing up and said, "I have so many homework.. and mostly Math."

Math homework terrified my little girl! Not me of course, but for her that's a giant.

I smiled and said to her confidently, "Nothing to worry darling, I will help you."

Fast forward a few hours later, she's sitting in front of me now enjoying doing her Math homework.

And I heard the Spirit's voice within me, "Now you know how it feels to be Me, right?"

I smiled and chuckled.

Just this morning I felt like as if Jesus died on the cross again! It might be because I am feeling under the weather, or it could be more than that.

I just feel tired, it's been a long year and yes while I feel I have grown much, I am not sure if I like the exercise.

And as I was writing to my team to let them know that I am a sick leave today, found myself replying to my leadership team about marketing strategy for next year.

Just when I finished sending the email, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me, "You know, you are good in this stuff."

"I know.. but don't go there." I responded.

"In fact, you are actually a really really good marketer." He didn't let go.

And the conversation went on to Him dealing with my feeling downcast. He was cheering me on and encouraging me when all I was feeling was to give up.

What my daughter taught me shortly after was basically Abba saying, "I've got this. Just like you know how to handle her Math homework, I know how to handle the stuff around and about your work. I'm right behind you. I'm watching over you, you just focus in having fun in doing it."

My day now has gone the complete opposite than it was this morning.

And once again I am being reminded: Al-Tirah. Fear not. Because I have the antidote.

You know what the antidote of fear is?


And Abba happens to have a lot of it. Because He is love.

Just like my daughter can't be afraid doing what she was fearing of because my love shields her, we can't stay in fear when we are under and inside Abba's love.

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