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Blessed Father's Day, dear Abba

To my I AM, my All in All

All around and within me

I see Your fingerprints of Your goodness

Yet none of those captures my heart

For You alone are my treasure.

I exist because of You.

I sing because of You.

From eternity to eternity You are good.

Your faithfulness is the ground I stand.

Your heart for me is beautiful beyond measure.

Your thought of me is ever glorious and noble.

I have no offering but my heart.

My life is Yours alone, Abba.

Perish this world may be,

I know I will always have You.

Come what may, I will always choose You.

For there is no life apart from You.

My eyes are fixed on You, Abba.

I long for the day when I am home again.

But 'till then use me to expand Your kingdom.

And bring back more souls with Your love.

Love You with all I am,


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