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A letter to Abba

Dear Abba,

I'm here just to tell You that I love You.

Many the wonders You have performed in my life, Abba.

Yet I can trade all those away for just having You in my life.

I will give up everything just to stay near Your heart, dear Abba.

Your heartbeat is my lifeline.

Your love is my oxygen.

I am restless and breathless without You, Abba.

You are the One that my soul loves.

My heart aches for more of You.

You are perfect goodness.

You are the fullness of wisdom.

Kindness and mercy clothe Your majesty.

You are love in its truest meaning.

You are a perfect Father, my Abba.

My Mentor and Best Friend.

My faithful Companion, my strong Warrior.

You are my most precious treasure, Abba.

My perfect portion and inheritance.

I value You above everything else.

I respect and revere You, Abba.

My words fail to describe just how amazing You are, Abba.

I love You, dear Abba, You have my heart, all of it.


Your daughter

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