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Why intimacy with Abba is a life and death matter

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

What are the signs that you're intimate with Abba?

That question and the answers to that question are by no means efforts trying to figure Him out. Or trying to measure ourselves if we're 'there'. But for me, the more (I think) I'm getting closer with Abba, the more conscious I am becoming in making sure we stay close.

You see, we're made for intimacy. That's why we've been spending so much time building relationships with others, be it searching for a best friend, or a significant other. There's a built-in yearning in us to find someone whom we can truly be close with, who understands us and know us so well.

One with Abba

One morning as I prepared myself to seek Abba, I turned on my phone to select the songs to sing for Him when my eyes got caught by my email app. I was expecting some news for some shipment and wanted to see if they replied my email, but I told myself, "Not now, Abba first."

Then I heard His voice within me, "I'm always with you, involve Me in everything you do." I was taken aback. Somehow up until that morning I had this subconscious belief that Abba belongs to the spiritual part and things like checking email or searching of information on the Internet was too secular for Him. But the truth is Abba wanted to be involved in everything I do. Even for things like checking emails.

He's bringing me deeper. Just when I thought that nothing could beat the experience I had been having with Abba until that point of time, He revealed to me there's so much more. I'm deeper in my relationship with Abba. The Holy Spirit wants me to be one with Him. Like a glove to a hand. Wow.

After that revelation, I went to check my emails and then gave him my undivided attention.

Relationship with Abba is more natural than we think. Just picture this. You're at a mall with your best friend, just hanging out, but also because your bestie is looking for a particular book. So you accompany her. But on the way to the bookstore, you see this dress that you've been looking for and you want to check it out. What do you think your bestie will say? Being your bestie, she will say, "Go ahead and check it out, come on," probably halfway dragging you into the store. Why? Because she cares about you.

It's the same with the Holy Spirit. Being intimate with Him doesn't mean you cut yourself off from the world and lock yourself in the house and spend hours praying. That what gives this whole intimacy with Abba such a bad rep. I agree there needs to be a time where we're alone with Him, but Abba is never boring. He is full of life! He is life! He can teach us anything, including how to have fun!

I think the key here is to start treating Him as a person, because He is. Just because we can't see Him, doesn't mean He is to be ignored. The more I know Him, the more natural our relationship is. Often, I don't even have to say a thing, but just simply being with Him. And no, I don't spend time with Him to get a revelation or to ask something from Him. For me the Paraclete is my best friend, my mentor, my confidant, my Father. He's everything I need and want.

A whisper, not a shout

"If God has to scream for you to listen, that shows your immaturity." Abba's famous prophet said one time. That's what Jesus told him.

I agree.

If I would to recall these past few months, the greatest revelation and impartation I've received from Him were all from a very gentle, still, small voice. So small that I could almost miss it. And often He even guided me without saying a word. I just knew.

My daughter went missing a few days ago. She's seven.

She was not in the school bus that she's supposed to be in and the school bus auntie texted me twenty minutes before her usual arrival time and asked me, "Did you pick up her yourself?" I thought it was a lousy prank, it really felt unreal.

But I called her and said, "Where is she?"

"Don't know, you didn't pick her up?" She answered almost casually.

I knew then it's not a joke. I asked her to call the rest of the busses and then I called the school. I then informed my husband who was as shocked as me. I then decided to go to her school and search for her. I didn't know what to think.

While on the traffic light, my mind travelled back to that morning when she actually asked me if she could stay at home because she didn't feel like going to school (she wasn't sick). I tried not to regret my decision of persuading her to school. Then I also recalled how I almost forgot to "cover her with Jesus' blood" during the morning blessing, but I did and when I did say it, it felt.. significant. Likewise when I applied the anointing oil on her. It felt.. mattered. And so I uttered a prayer, "No, not her, not now. Angels, protect her and bring her to me."

I reached the school and after a while managed to speak with the vice principals. I pinged the parents group and asked them to ask their daughters if they saw my daughter. One of them came back and said her daughter saw mine walking towards a white car. That was enough to make me call the police.

I still had not cried yet at that point. But a few minutes later after seeing no sign of her at school, I broke down. I started running to the classrooms at the ground floor calling her name. It wasn't long before I stopped all the running and crying, because I didn't feel my daughter being at school. So I stood still and closed my eyes, quiet my soul and asked Abba, "Abba, where is she?"

And I could hear His voice, His still small voice, "She's at home."

Now, all the situations were telling me that was impossible. How could it be? All other voices told me to continue searching. But I knew Abba. I knew His voice. So I told the police, "I'm going back home, I will keep in touch." They tried to stop me and told me I had to stay there. But I ignored them.

I found my husband searching for her along the road and I picked him up. As soon as we reached home, he dashed off from the car and ten seconds later I had a call. It's him.

"She's here." And he hung up.

After a sigh of relief and a "Thank you Jesus!", it's my turn to dash off from the car and run towards home.

Words couldn't describe the feelings I had when I saw her. All flustered but she's alright.

She told us later that she walked home when she saw the school bus left without her. She thought that was the responsible thing to do. When I asked her how she knew the way to home, she said, "I asked Abba and He showed me." Later that day I saw in my spirit that it was not the angels who walked with her. It's the Commander Himself, Jesus.

How He wishes to cover you

Why am I writing and sharing this?

No, Abba didn't ask me to do it. As if He wanted to be praised. Abba is not like that. We ought to praise Him and give Him the glory, but He doesn't demand it as if He needs it. He's all sufficient.

I am writing and sharing this because I want to tell you that's how good our Abba is. He cares about what we care about. And also because what happened to me can happen to any of you. We live in the fallen world and in the perilous time. Don't take His protection and don't take Him for granted - only speed dialling Him when you feel you are left with no choice.

I asked myself what would have happened if I hadn't been in relationship with Abba all this while. Sure, I might still be praying and asking Him the question I did but I might not recognise His voice, or if I did, I might not trust Him. I didn't want to think about the worst but my daughter could reach home and when she saw mommy was not there, she might leave the house to look for me! And just say I was glad that I didn't miss praying and blessing her every morning, covering her with Jesus' blood and applying anointing oil on her.

Abba wants to protect us. That's why He wants us to be intimate with Him. That's the cry in Jesus' heart over Jerusalem:

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!" (Matthew 23:37-39)

Don't delay. Start today. You will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13).

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