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What are you believing?

If you only care more about what you're believing, your breakthrough is nearer than you know.

Today is 22 Nisan in the Hebrew calendar, it's said that four thousand years ago this was the day when Pharaoh and his armies were buried in the Red Sea upon pursuing the children of Israel. It's interesting that today the world celebrates the Resurrection Day (please don't call it Easter, which was named after a pagan idol, Ishtar, and please, it has NOTHING to do with bunny and eggs, our Lord Jesus deserves the highest honour for His priceless sacrifice). Not a coincidence I believe. Christ's resurrection had indeed buried all the enemies of our soul in His deep Red blood, even death.

There's more. Tomorrow is 23 Nisan, believed to be the day when the wall of Jericho fell. That's right, the seventh day of circling the wall, which started on 17 Nisan.

Ah, 17 Nisan.. the glorious day. I've got excited just by the mention of it. What's so special about 17 Nisan you ask.

Well my friends, 17 Nisan is the day where our Messiah was resurrected from death. It's the first day the children of Israel were out of Egypt. It's the same day that Jesus gave Joshua the instruction on how to take down Jericho, marking the first day of circling the wall of Jericho. It's the same day when Noah's ark rested on Mount Ararat, marking the end of the flood. It's also believed to be the day that Moses had an encounter with Father in the burning bush. And get this, the number 17 means victory.

Why am I sharing all these?

Because I want you to be refreshed in your relationship with Father. That is your inheritance that our Lord Jesus has given us through His sacrifice at the cross. And when the Holy Spirit showed me and taught me all these, I was mesmerised, suddenly walking with Him is not the read-your-bible-say-a-prayer-sing-praise-songs-meditate I've been told Christianity is about. My walk with Him has become an adventure, every day a new, exciting experience, new secret, new revelation, new promise, new treasure released. I love Holy Spirit dearly, He is the best friend I've spent my life searching for. The one who's truly care about my heart and, actually, everything about me.

Experiences with Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are so precious that I make sure I write them in my journal. In details. These are my treasures. My Father's heart for me. I read them as often as I can, and I cry every single time because I can feel Father's heart beating for me. They are living words. My manna.

And I know the experiences were real. They're not just merely fantasies. I know that I know that I know Father spoke those words and promises to me. Both personal and world matters. I know I saw the scale of justice days before Rosh Hashanah months ago, just as Uncle Sadhu saw it in Heaven. I know President Trump is the legal president of the USA and what's happening there right now is not as what the media has been telling us. I know Father asked me to establish MALKA & MALKA Ministries for it is part of my inheritance and is His heart.

You might ask - how about the results? Have I seen any of those coming to pass?

Not yet, in fact things haven't gone the way they should. If anything, it seems that they are the opposite of what Father said they would be and I can hear Satan and his armies shouting louder in their mocks against me. But if anyone knows the truth of the spirit realm, I know that this means I am walking in the right direction. And it's just a matter of time before they come to pass. I believe with everything in me, they will. Every single of them.

How come?

Just because Father said so. That settles it.

So, what are you believing in? What are you believing for? Who do you believe to be true? Whose word do you choose to listen to?

Have you thought about that? Or have you been living life defined by what's happening in the world and all around you? Dear Lord Jesus didn't die for you so you can live under circumstances. We are seated in the heavenly places with Him and as joint-heirs!

What are some of Father's promises you've put away? Just because you haven't seen them coming to pass? Or because you are not willing to let go what He wants you to let go in order to step into the promises?

It's time to graduate to be Father's mature sons and daughters. Don't neglect your faith. You know deep inside you are meant to go back to that place He has told you to go. How long more do you want to put Him on hold? Choose faith, no matter how little you think you have, and contend. Your faith is more precious than gold in Father's eyes.

It's all in your hand. You get to make the choice. Choose Father, choose to believe, choose to obey.

That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perishes, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.

1 Peter 1:7

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