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What Abba taught me through bread making

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

About two weeks ago, Abba told me to learn making bread.

Now, I actually enjoy cooking. After high school, I actually spent a year in hospitality management where I learned the basics of food preparation and cooking from professional chefs. A great experience I must say; I could actually bone a chicken and made chocolate eclair on the first attempt!

But I didn't start cooking actively until after I was married and after I had my daughter. And while what I knew was a good foundation, there were many more I had to learn that were eye opener when trying to cook for my daughter. Things like why sugar is bad, the difference of omega type (3, 6, and 9), why good fat is important, and why our ancestor's diet is so much better than what we typically eat today.

With my daughter's health condition, it was like I was pushed into the pool to learn all those - I didn't really have a say. But now looking back, I'm grateful that Abba taught me all that. That's just like Abba right, He always brings good things out of bad situations when we trust Him.

Back to His instruction to learn making bread. I knew it's Him because by myself, bread making was something I had been avoiding until then. I just could not manage to get my head around it. It seemed so complicated - the yeast, the kneading, the rising. I was convinced that bread was something I would not be able to make - ever.

But every time God speaks, there's anointing that's being released to accomplish what He asks us do. Even for something like making bread.

But every time God speaks, there's anointing that's being released to accomplish what He asks us do.

So I obeyed - I knew it's something to do with the things to come. He wants me to be prepared for the famine that will start in 2021.

I started with making unleavened bread. Mainly because I had no yeast at home, but also because it's just easier to start with that, you know not having to deal with a living thing (read yeast). I found a good video in YouTube and just followed the steps. I started using 100% wholemeal flour and then I tried using plain all-purpose flour.

Here they are - not bad for first attempt, but I should go thinner next time.

I made bread!

Having managed to make unleavened bread, I went ahead and up my game. I bought more flours and instant yeast. Sadly my first attempt failed, I kneaded the dough wrongly. But then I was even more determined to nail it.

Oh yes, be careful with what a determined woman can do! I learned everything I had to learn about bread making: water:flour ratio, kneading technique, rising time, and more. And just to let me know that Abba was with me the whole time, He even led me to watch the legendary Nancy Silverton featured on Chef Table! She's amazing! And she too was obsessed with making bread to bake the perfect loaf!

So here it is, my second attempt, 100% home and hand made bread, made with heart:

I was over the moon! It was perfect! I almost cried when it's done, still felt surreal that I actually made my own bread, by hand!

We won't need to buy bread ever again now that I can, and actually enjoy making bread! Plus, it's healthy, I know what's in my bread - and by the way it's only four ingredients: flour, water, salt, yeast. Sugar free! Abba is so good! He knows my potential even when I don't know it's there. That reminds me a prophecy spoken to me many, many years ago by Ps. Diana Frost. She looked at me and said with certainty, "You're a good cook." And I wasn't even really cooking actively that time! Glory to Abba!

The real lesson

Be patient.

Sounds so basic, huh? But that's probably the most important thing to note in successfully making bread.

Especially in kneading the dough. Too hard, you will break the gluten. Too slow, you might give up. So you just have to "listen" to the dough. I know it sounds crazy, but I actually did that. I listened to the dough, I actually felt it, and as I kneaded, I was one with the dough - can't really explain it, you just know when you do it. You have to knead gently, yet firmly - there's a rhythm to it. Until the dough formed into a soft (some say like baby's bottom!), elastic ball.

But for me, here's the most significant lesson Abba revealed to me.

You know your dough is ready for rising when your dough is not sticky and you can actually stretch it without breaking it. And when you poke it, it will bounce back pretty fast. While I was kneading, I heard His voice within me, "The trials (kneading) in your life are meant to make you not sticky, to the point what people say or do to you will not hurt you or break you. It will have effect on you but you will bounce back fast enough from it and move on."

Wow. I was stunned for a while after I heard that. Because during that period, I was actually asking Abba why I had to go through heartbreak and disappointment over and over again - just when I opened more of my heart. After that revelation, I had a sense of peace and love within me. (Heart You so much, Abba!)

The last lesson was around dough rising. Done correctly, your dough will rise after one hour, being placed in a dark place, covered by a towel, and left alone. I like to let it rise at least two times, although three would yield a better loaf.

But about dough rising, Abba told me, "I'm hiding you right now. Your time has not come yet. But when you are done, you will be like that loaf, rising and for many to celebrate. Right now, set your eyes even more on Me."

I just got it. I knew exactly what He's saying. What I've been facing since the beginning of the year, the fact I'm being hidden, just like Esther - Abba was just confirming.

Now, while He spoke that to me personally, if you're reading this and something within you 'jumps', then this is for you as well. During this hidden moment, just focus on going deeper with Abba. An intimate relationship with Abba is the best thing in the world (and beyond), I promise!


Happy making your own homemade bread! Ping if you need my recipe and more tips ;)

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