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What Abba revealed to me about America & 2020 election

Calling all believers to stand for Abba's will for America

I started my day excited yesterday - excited to witness Trump win re-election. I told the Spirit about it, and I could sense He was as cool as He can be and said, "The result won't be out so soon." I thought He meant the result would only come by noon, just like in 2016 when I too followed the election process.

But I sensed something was off when it was past noon and result was not announced yet, even though I could see red was leading and the result was obvious.

It became clear when President Trump made an address around 230 pm. It then started to dawn on me what the Spirit was really saying. Of course on the spiritual realm, we know the result, but He was really responding to my natural reaction and pointing me to the truth. As usual.

"Check today's date in Hebrew calendar."

I sensed that within me yesterday afternoon. But I thought it was just my own self talking.

The rise of Esther

This morning I continued to follow the progress of the election, until I couldn't bring myself to continue listening to the (fake) news out there. I switched off the television and decided to talk to Abba.

As I started to tread the spiritual realm, I saw Abba and Jesus were seated on the throne. I immediately felt peace rushing to and within me.

Then I saw the book of Esther started to play before me, and how Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) is the Esther that Kim Clement prophesied in Nov 2011 (Abba revealed that on 15 October to me).

"For such a time as this." I heard those words. She was appointed as Supreme Court Justice for such a time like this. Just as Esther was used by God to save her people, ACB too will be used to save her people. President Trump will continue his second term.

The next scene I sensed put me to surprise.

I saw civil war happening in America. It's sad and tragic but it will happen to save the righteous and fight evil.

I then felt led to pray by the Spirit. So I did and I declared what I believed in Abba's heart: that President Trump will win, that all the fraud and manipulation and lies behind the election process by the opposition party will be unveiled and people who are deceived will see and be saved.

Shortly after, I came across a video by Sid Roth and it was just released minutes before (watch it I encourage you). Not only Abba has His two prophets confirming that President Trump will win, but Sid was praying exactly the same prayer I prayed.

17 of Cheshvan

But the Spirit was not done with revelation.

In the suggested videos, I saw a video by Perry Stone (I've never heard of him before) and felt led to watch it - it was also just released hours ago.

What I heard next made me jump.

He was basically talking about 4 November being 17 of Cheshvan in Hebrew calendar. I immediately apologised to the Spirit for not heeding to His voice yesterday! Basically, it's the day when the flood during Noah's time started and Perry talked about the parallel of election to this event. Which means if we draw 40 days from yesterday, that will bring us to 14 December, the date when Electoral College will decide who the President is.

The thing is, Abba gave me a date weeks ago, and it's 16 December. Why 16 December? Well, the talmud believe that it's the coronation day of Esther (1 Tevet). Now, I know that date is for me personally, somehow Abba will bring to pass a big thing on that day. But looks like I have something parallel happening with President Trump and the USA . I don't know what that is, but it is surely interesting.

I found asking Abba this afternoon, "Why are You showing all these to me and why do I have this burden for America?" (I was allergic to politics)

I could feel He was smiling as He answered me, "Because you care about what I care about."

I do. Because I love Him. Prophet or not, prophetic gift or not, for me what really matters is to stay in tune with His heart. I actually believe that is what prophetic is all about: knowing His heart and communicating it to help His children fulfil their divine purpose.

So what's next?

Start praying. Whether you are American or not, if you are a believer, pray for God's perfect will to reign over America. Demolish child sacrifice (what they call abortion this day) and re-build God's righteousness all over America, and the rest of the world will follow. President Trump and America are the walls God uses against globalism, socialism, and communism. This election is not just about America, it's about everyone around the world, the result will impact all nations.

The next few weeks and months will be hard but persevere in faith and prayer. Pray for President Trump and his team. Abba gave me Psalms 37 for him and I am believing that he receives that and be strengthened.

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