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We are entering the time of fulness

"The time of harvest is at hand, the field is almost fully ripe."

I wash my rice fifteen times. I have figured that it takes that many times before I can see clear water to cook the rice in. Yes, that's a lot of times and a lot to count each time. So to ease the chore, I normally divide them into three rounds of five.

At round one, I find it easy because I just started and I do somehow enjoy seeing the milky water slowly turning less milky. At the second round, I don't normally see much changes interestingly, but as I counted halfway, I got encouraged because I know I'm halfway there (similar to running a marathon). At the end of second round, I get excited. As I enter the third round, more than one, I could hear the Spirit's voice saying, "You are at the third round/ leg." I didn't quite understand in which area, but I know it's true (and there's a burst of joy and hope within me as I heard that) because somehow I know I am.

But a few days ago, I came across Tim Sheets, one of Father's prophets, on YouTube talking about His recent encounter this year in January with angels. And he shared that we are in the new era, the most exciting time because Father is about to come with great might through His Spirit, where He will outpour His Spirit immeasurably, greater than before. The third Pentecost. Third? You might ask. When was the first and second one?


Shavuot, means "weeks", also called Pentecost, The Feast of Weeks, or First Fruits, represents a foundational moment in Jewish history: the giving of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible, also called the Pentateuch) to the Israelites on Mount Sinai.

The date of celebration falls seven weeks (50th day) after Passover. The holiday is therefore also called Pentecost from the Greek pentēkostē (“50th”). It falls on Sivan 6. Passover was the day the Hebrews escaped from Egyptian slavery; Shavuot is considered the day that God made them into their own nation. That's the first Pentecost.

The second Pentecost can be found in Acts chapter 2 when the first disciples were praying and Holy Spirit came upon them as tongues of fire and filled them. Fifty days after Jesus rose from the dead.

What I find really significant is that Jesus actually asked His disciples to wait in Jerusalem UNTIL they were filled by power from high. Jerusalem means city of shalom (perfect wholeness, peace, wellbeing, rest). In today's context it means place/ position of peace, not a physical place somewhere out there, but a place within us. Our heart.

Jesus says wait in the place of shalom. Do you know that it's Father's greatest desire for us to dwell in a place of rest (Hebrews 4)? The rest that Jesus has given us through His perfect work on the cross. And we enter this rest by believing. Jesus has paid the price and made us a new creation.

What do we really believe in our hearts? When faced by problems or challenges, who and what do we really believe? Do you believe that Father sees you perfect and unblemished? Do you believe that the power of death and curse has been broken in your life? Our ability or inability to be in rest lies in what we really believe, it's called faith, the mind can't comprehend it.

Let us strive to enter this rest and wait in the place of perfect shalom. We do that by building intimate relationship with Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Take time to seek Him. Each and every day. Make Him your all in all. Prune your life. Put first thing first.

We are in the third round

This is the time to get excited! Father's coming with His mighty Spirit. In fact about a week ago, I was just doing something, and I heard Father's voice within me, "I AM coming with strong arms."

At that time, I knew Father's speaking for my personal situations. But when I listened to Tim, I realised it's not just for my personal situations, but also for the world.

Beloved, do know that we are entering the third Pentecost, the greatest outpouring of His Spirit, the era of Greater Glory. Father has said spoken about this to His prophets across the globe: from Tracy Cooke, Bobby Conner, Tim Sheets, Ps. Niko Njotorahardjo, and more. Different words, but the same thing.

Draw near to Him and take time, dedicated time with Him.


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