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The significance of Purim

"And Mordecai wrote these things, and sent letters unto all the Jews that were in all the provinces of the king Ahasuerus, both near and far, to establish that they should keep the fourteenth day of the month of Adar, and the fifteenth day of the same, yearly." Esther 9:20-21

Most of us believers are familiar with the story of Esther, and if you're not, please read it in the Bible. It's a fascinating story and with a happy ending! In fact Abba told me that this is the original Cinderella story, the real fairytale. For me, ever since Abba told me that I am Esther, I have been reading it countless time, to extract the gold from it, and every time, I receive new revelation.

And that's what I am going to cover in this post, fresh revelation I've received from Abba, and this revelation can be yours too if you choose to receive it.

At the point of writing this, today is actually the thirteen of Adar, a day that's famously known as a set day by Haman, who is a picture of satan, to completely annihilate the Jews, a picture of God's people - which means that includes us believers. The main trigger was silly really, Haman was offended by Mordecai, who is a picture of Jesus, who refused to bow down to him (remember the wilderness test where satan asked Jesus to worship him? I won't even say that was a good try. I mean seriously, this is Jesus we're talking about, God Himself). But if you know the nature of Satan, that's not surprising, he's just so petty, prideful, and easily offended. He had everyone else bowing down to him, but one person, and he decided to just exterminate everyone else that's related to this man. So typical. Sadly, that's what he 'sold' to Eve at the garden and Eve bought it. Truth is, Adam and Eve could eat from every tree in the garden, but one, and they were not content, and they fell. Now you see why gratitude is important and powerful.

Back to the story.

I believe that origin of Friday the thirteen being known as a bad day is actually from this story. Adar the thirteen was a doomsday for God's chosen people. We're not talking about them being made slaves, although that's horrible, but being killed in the most horrid way.

It started all the way back since after the fall, but the big events were during Moses' time where Pharaoh order for all baby boys to be killed, Jesus' time where same order was given by Herod, the infamous Hitler and the Holocaust. Why? Because satan knew of his end, he knew he had no chance, and he will eventually lose and sent to hell - so he tried to stop Abba, to stop Jesus from being born, and in the process, hurt and destroy Abba's people, trying to drag down men with him as many as he can. That's why he is evil, pure evil.

But Abba wants me to tell you an amazing revelation, so hope you're excited!

I actually didn't realise that yesterday after sunset would be the thirteenth of Adar. But the entire day, I mean since morning, the Holy Spirit didn't stop speaking to me, and I just felt His presence within me so strong. I had in me this strong sense of anticipation, but I didn't know just exactly what I was anticipating for. But I knew it's something that's good and happy. So yes, I actually felt excited not knowing why. (That's just so Abba, He really loves exciting His children and giving them great surprises :))

Now, even though I was excited within, I was supernaturally calm and serene. And my daughter was actually ill and running high fever, but I was not a tiny bit worried, I knew Abba loves her and would heal her, just a quiet confidence. By late afternoon, Holy Spirit was dropping more hints, saying, "The time is now, it's today," over and over again. I was watching random sermons, one from 2017 and the other recorded just less than a day ago and both speakers, totally different, said this very thing! And when I checked my journal to read what Abba told me that morning, He said it right there, "know that today is your time of visitation". (More on this in another blog, another revelation that's just mind boggling!)

So I finally decided to check what day was yesterday in Hebrew calendar and I was in awe. After sunset in Israel, it's actually the thirteen of Adar (which means starting midnight our time today due to the time difference). And from there, the Spirit just pour His words into my spirit like a flood.

He told me that Abba has given me the house of Haman. I thanked Him, knowing whatever that Abba gives is glorious, but I still didn't understand what it means or why He's so excited about that - what is in the house of Haman anyway?

He then told me that the thirteen of Adar is the day where the table is turned to my favour. Whatever pain, hurt, betrayal, abuse, unkindness, weeping that I had experience, Abba is putting a stop to that. "No more!" I heard Him decreeing. And He said He's judging the enemy and vindicating me for all the things the enemy has done. Abba's giving the "house of Haman", which basically means everything the enemy has stolen, sevenfold PLUS interest, to me. As if He knew I didn't quite get it, He then said it plainly, "I am transferring the wealth of the wicked to you."

Amen! I knew it's true because He's been saying that the entire week!

This morning as I woke up, Holy Spirit didn't even wait until I got into His presence and worship. He was so eager to tell me as soon as I woke up, "Do you know what day is today??"

And I got it. I used to see the thirteen of Adar only as a doomsday, but now I am seeing it as the day where the table is turned because the King found out about the plot and punished Haman, and gave His signet ring to Mordecai so he can write a decree to counter the plan.

Can you see the picture of Jesus there? Abba sent Jesus to die on the cross to counteract satan's plan. Abba knew unless that's done, we all would die an eternal death. Isn't Abba good! Bless Your name and heart, dear Abba. And thank you dear Jesus for paying the price to redeem us!

This table-turning was so significant that a decree was made for Jews to observe Purim, which is a two-day celebration that takes place on the 14th and 15th of Adar - which is tomorrow our time, but you can start tonight at dinner, so go have a feast!

On Purim, there's only one command: to feast & rejoice! It's picture of our time when King Jesus rule in the new Jerusalem. This is why the month of Adar is famously known as the happiest month of the year, and I just love the fact it normally falls on February, my favourite month!

So beloved, as you're reading this, I am imparting this revelation and truth to you. The time is now, it's today. Abba wants to turn the table to your favour. If only you know how much He wants to bless you! And know that the bigger your challenges or oppositions are, the greater the promises to counter those that Abba has for you!

Come under His wing and go into His secret place. Repent of your sins and receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and get saved ! Nothing is more important than this. And I declare everything that Abba gave me per above, is yours too. Likewise if you have been saved; seek His heart, don't meddle with the affairs of this world. Draw nearer, draw deeper, consecrate yourself and yield to His Spirit.

I seal this in Jesus' name and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen.

Royally His,


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