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Passport please

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

How intimate do you want to be with Jesus?

A strange prophetic dream

21 April 2020

Three nights ago I had a dream. I was on my way to an airport, having just checked out from a hotel. When I arrived at the airport, I realised that my passport and my wallet were missing! They had been stolen.

Strangely enough, while I was deeply upset about the fact they were missing, I was not panicking at all. I was almost oblivious to the fact that I wouldn't be able to leave the country and board the plane without my passport. I was walking to the immigration as though I would not have any issues going through.

Just before I reached the gate of the departure hall, I received a call. It was from the hotel I stayed in and a lady told me that they had found my passport and would courier it straight away to me. I thanked her and hung up. Almost seconds later, an angel stood before me and handed me my passport. And again, strangely, I took it as though it's normal, thanked him, and passed it to the immigration officer at the gate and went through.

Then I woke up. I knew it was a dream from Abba. So I asked Him what it meant. He didn't tell me straight away, but I knew it's something to do with access. Somehow someone was trying to prevent me from accessing a very important place or trying to stop me from getting to somewhere.

The interpretation

This morning during my devotion time with Abba, I was deeply troubled about why as I obey His voice, I don't necessarily get the support I need, instead I face oppositions. I was quite discouraged. I was then reminded of the passport dream. Again I inquired of Him about the meaning. I then had an impression in my spirit something about 'ear'.

About an hour later, as I was browsing through a list of sermons to watch, the Spirit brought me to a particular sermon by Rev. Neville Johnson. It was quite an old video, taped probably 15-20 years ago, and the title was: The price to walk in friendship with God. It was a very short video, about six minutes. And I knew I was led by the Spirit because I normally prefer a longer sermon (an hour or so) so I can get the full message.

Rev. Johnson opened up saying that there's this place that God wants to bring us into, Jesus wants to be our friends. He wants to come to us on a daily basis. He wants to walk with us. But to live in that realm costs us our lives, we have to lay down our lives.

He then shared an experience he had two years before. While he was praying, he found himself at a passport control area, just like in an airport. And there was this angel seating behind the desk and people were coming to him. And the angel was saying, "Passport please, give me your passport". Behind where this angel sat was a translucent door, made of light.

Now many people didn't have a passport. So the angel said, "Well you can't come in here. You don't have a passport.". Then he saw this couple come to the angel and he asked them for their passports. The couple said, "Well what is my passport?" and the angel looked at them and said, "Show me your ear.". At that time, Rev. Johnson thought it was very strange. The couple showed him their ears and the angel said, "You can come in" and they walk through that translucent door.

Then he saw another man come up to the angel and the angel said, "Show me your passport". And the man said, "I don't have a passport", to which the angel said, "So you can't come in now". The man replied, "But I am an elder in the church" and the angel said, "But you don't have a passport". So the man said, "Well, what kind of passport do I need?" And the angel looked at him and said he had to have a hole in his ear. At that point, Rev. Johnson understood what's going on there.

The angel then looked at him and said, "Passport please", so he showed the angel his ear, and the angel said, "You can come in". And Rev. Johnson walked through that door, and he was in Heaven. He walked back out and he was back at the passport control centre, to which he said to the angel, "What is this?" and the angel answered him, "Unless you become a bondservant, you will not have daily access to this place".

What it means to become a bondservant

In the Old Testament (Exodus 21:1-6 and Deuteronomy 15:12-17), a slave who wanted to continue to be a slave to his master, had to have a hole punched through his ear. And that hole in his ear meant that he was to be a servant to his master forever, he had laid down his life - a bondservant.

Rev. Johnson closed by saying that is the requirement if we are to have open Heaven and walk in His place in God. We have to surrender all and become a bondservant of the Lord. This is part of the price of entering into that place.

Even as I write this, I find myself still trying to grasp His wisdom, what's He's revealing to me. Because after I watched that video, I asked Abba why He gave me the passport dream and he told me, "Because the enemy has been trying to steal your passport so you can't enter into My throne room. But I forbid him. You are my daughter and you have always been Mine." Then I understood more.

You see, exactly around seven months ago, I pledged total surrender to Abba. I chose Him above everything else and I made a commitment to obey Him, my heart and all. That was after passing my wilderness test. Without realising it, I've become a bondservant.

And after that, since the beginning of this year, I've gotten into a narrower path especially with regards to my response time to obey, as I hear His voice clearer and clearer. The more I walk intimately with Him, the more I find the Spirit moves swifter. And if I don't really set my eyes and ears on Him, I will not be able to catch up. His instruction has become lesser in words (often no explanation) and I feel as though I don't even have time to 'consider' it. It has become a matter of split seconds: yes or no of obeying Him.

A few days ago the Spirit told me to listen to the teaching about the four faces of the Lord Jesus (Ezekiel 1). On the face of an ox, it's said that as we come to Jesus and follow Him, we are liken to a young ox (calf) being paired to a mature ox, Jesus in this case, to learn its way (Matthew 11:28-30). And during that training, when the mature ox turns, the calf needs to follow, otherwise it might strain or break its neck. When the mature ox stops to drink, then the calf ought to do the same, whether the calf feels like it or not, because if it doesn't drink then, it may not drink until quite some time. Suddenly I understood! I have been yoked with Jesus!

Then I heard Him in my spirit, "I am teaching you to move with Me. When I turn left, you turn left. When I run, you run. When I stop, you stop and rest." I need to keep my eyes and ears on Him! Abba did tell me in the beginning of this year that He's going to bring me to my promise land, but that means I will have to go through places I have never been gone before, hence it's important to really heed to His voice and obey.

Then I heard Him in my spirit, "I am teaching you to move with Me. When I turn left, you turn left. When I run, you run. When I stop, you stop and rest." Abba did tell me in the beginning that He's going to bring me to my promise land, but that means I will have to go through places I have never been gone before, hence it's important to really heed to His voice and obey.

I went through many tests over the last few months on obedience. Over and over He asked me, whether directly or through my boss, to do things that were unthinkable and even seemed absurd, requiring me to die to my flesh and yield pure obedience. But because I have set my heart to obey Him, whether I understand it or not, I did it. And every single time, only after I take the steps, the river starts to part.

Why the ear

My husband pierced his left ear about two months ago. I still remember many years ago when we talked about the bondservant passage in the Old Testament for the first time. I was suggesting to him to actually pierce his ear to pledge to the Lord that he's laid down his life for Him (he was an ordained youth pastor). I think he freaked out a little. It took him many years later to actually do it (he did it a couple of months ago, not liking the experience though, fearing the pain - it's not painful, really).

Strangely though, he lost the ear stud three nights ago. The same night I had the passport dream. But thankfully there was a spare and he took that the next morning and put it on his ear. He told me that it took him a while as if the hole was closed and he had to try a few times to the point it started to bleed, before he could put it on.

We talked about that this morning and he was surprised to hear about my passport dream, especially after he watched the video I shared above. We both agreed it's definitely not a coincidence, the Spirit is speaking.

So why the ear? Well, our hands signify our deeds, our feet signify our walk, and our ears signify obediently hearing and obeying our Lord.

Does that mean we literally have to pierce our ear?

Well if you do it as an act/ gesture of your laying down your life, sure. But I want to focus on what the Spirit has been teaching me, that our spiritual ear is our heart. We can't truly hear His voice unless we have fully given our heart to Him. Abba is after our heart. Not the things we can do for Him. The right service and ministry can only comes from a heart that fully surrendered to Him. That's true in my own walk with Him. Once I have pledged total surrender of my heart, that is complete obedience and laying down of my life, I've found that I have been hearing and receiving from Him like never before and being in His throne room.

Have you given your heart to Jesus? Many of you reading this have gone through much hurts and perhaps abuse, like myself, that giving our whole heart is not an easy thing. Because giving our heart means we need to be prepared to obey Him at all cost - and for us who have submission and trust issue from past hurt, that is one scary journey. But here's the thing: He understands. And we can trust Him with our heart. He is the One person who will never break our heart! And as we place our heart in His strong hand, He will transform it and make it beautiful, just like His heart.

Give your heart to Jesus and don't harden your heart when you hear His voice whether directly or indirectly. Do whatever He tells you to do, give Him your yes. Whether you understand it or not. Only then you can access open Heaven and be continually in His presence, the Holy of Holies.

The Spirit has spoken, they who have ears to listen, let them listen. Abba loves you so much, beloved!

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