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My Christmas miracle gift...

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Blessed is she who believes: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the LORD.

~ Luke 1:45

The kindness of God... do you know that Father is so kind that He will lead us into wanting the very thing He wants to give us in the first place? Thing like healing. If only more of His children know His heart, they won't be praying like beggars.

I should know because I was in that very shoe.

I was born a healthy child. But my health took the toil as I grew up. Perhaps it's all the junk food I ate as a child, or perhaps it's the medication and the antibiotics I took far too many times during my adolescence years. But then it could be all the stress I had when I was climbing the corporate ladders, chasing for things I didn't even really want nor understand.

It was about two years ago when I finally felt it. I had been fighting all my life, one adversity after another. Until then. I didn't realise how depleted I was. The weariness finally set in as I entered my rest season. Back into the Father's embrace. Slowly He's been restoring me since, my physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. I'd prefer for Him just to snap His finger and heal me instantly if I'm honest. But having walked with Him closely for two years now, I can tell you that Father loves process.

"Let it be like this for the time being..."

I still remember Jesus' voice one afternoon when I was in the kitchen. That was His reply when I asked Him why He asked me to eat only on alternate days. That was about nine months ago now.

If I haven't been certain that it was His voice I heard, I wouldn't have lasted doing this 38-hour fast every other day for nine months. Basically it means I eat today and I fast tomorrow, and so on. It sounds extreme but apparently it's a safe and normal procedure (but please don't follow this unless you are certain it's Him instructing you).

I must admit it's not easy; there were days I contemplated breaking the fast and resume my old eating schedule. But time and again I could feel the Spirit cheering me on to keep going. And then all the benefits I've felt since. I sleep better and I feel more energetic, especially on my fasting day. My skin clears up and my hair gets its shine again. But the biggest benefit would be the more time I gain that I can spend seeking Him without having to worry about eating or what to cook.

Yet at times I questioned if this lifestyle was really healthy for me. What if it made things worse? Should I really fast this long? But whenever I was in that situation, I would go back to the centre core. The voice of Jesus in the kitchen that afternoon. And somehow I felt peace again and then I would choose to trust Him. That He loves me and will not harm me. Looking back, most of the doubt came up because I just wanted to eat, my flesh just acted up.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

It was about a week ago when I saw a story of a man who had his kidney failed at a young age of 32. I didn't think I could be having that problem. But then the thought came back the next day so I decided to do some research. I didn't know how important kidneys were until then. As I did my research, I found that I could relate to some of the symptoms of CKD. And something within me bore witness to this.

My heart began to sink, having CKD was not exactly what I expected, certainly not how I wanted to spend my Christmas this year. Yet, I wasn't THAT afraid, I knew Father loves me so much that if my kidneys did fail, He'd give me a brand new pair of kidneys. I chose to trust Him and His heart for me. I just told Him that I would need healthy kidneys if He wants me to last until 85 years young. So I claimed them from Heaven storehouse, refusing any need that my husband or my daughter will have to donate their kidney for me.

I decided to see a nephrologist to check my kidneys. I just felt led by the Spirit to do so. Strangely enough, I felt the same feeling that I felt 14 years ago when He did a creative miracle in my body and asked me to go to the nearest hospital to check it and it was so. I managed to get an appointment for the next day. I was excited yet nervous.

17: number of victory

The next morning (17th), as I seek Father in worship, I wasn't even thinking of it. Until the worship leader in the video asked us to believe in miracle. That very second, I heard a voice within me, "pray for healthy kidneys," so I did and a second later the worship leader declared, "I declare that you do not have kidney disease!" I knew there and then that I had been healed. Shortly after, I asked my daughter to lay her hands on my kidneys and ask for a brand new of kidneys for me.

That afternoon we went to a nearby hospital for my appointment. The specialist did a blood test, urine test, and ultrasound for me. He told me he would Watsapp me the results in batches as they come in. That night, after a few hours I was informed of my urine test result. My GFR (basically kidney filtration rate) level was 116. I was speechless. I wasn't expecting that to be honest, I thought I'd be diagnosed with CKD level 3 and I would need to fight for my miracle.

GFR 116 is basically the normal level of a woman in her 20, which as good as a pair of brand new kidneys! Naturally it's impossible considering the amount of medications, antibiotics, and lifestyle I had in the last 20 years. There's no way I could have such a healthy pair of kidneys. Unless it's the finger of God that caused this.

I never felt so much joy in such a long time. All these years my life was filled by pain and hurt, as if I was tested over and over again. After receiving the result, I went to my room and cried.. I could barely utter, "thank you, Father.." I I was really overwhelmed by His love and kindness.

The rest of the test results came in and everything in my body was normal. No diabetes, no tumour, no inflammation. It's amazing. Considering beginning of the year I went to see a TCM doctor and was told my kidneys and my liver were weak and inflamed, and my energy level was very low that she said she never saw a case like mine.

Promised land: working together with God

Now, the promised land is not like what most of us think: sipping lemonade by the pool with no problems whatsoever. In contrary, being in the promised land means we now co-labour with God to bring things to fruitfulness. The natural and the supernatural working together.

When the children of Israel was in the wilderness, they were sustained by supernatural provision, both manna and water. But after they entered the promised land, the manna ceased and now they had to work the land to bring produce.

Such is the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the past nine months time I could hear Him telling me that He would perfect my fasting results. My part is just to obey and to be faithful. I truly believe that this fast has restored my overall health. Yes He can just zap me, but as I said before if you know Father, you know He loves process. Through this experience I have learned things that I know will last me a lifetime. Things like faith, obedience, steadfastness, and faithfulness.

One thing for sure, no fast can restore any damaged kidneys, any nephrologist will tell you that. It will only help to slow down the damage. And this is how I know that my healthy kidneys were truly a miracle gift from Father. Bless His holy name!

I'm sharing this with you because the spirit of testimony is impartation of miracle. As you read this and believe, be happy because you shall receive the very miracle you're believing for. Amen Amen.


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