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About coronavirus pandemic: a message from Jesus to His church

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

The call for the body of Christ for unity: stop fighting!

8 April 2020

“(For the breakthrough of pandemic,) My church must be in unity.”

Saturday, 4 April 2020

It was Saturday morning, I was having a breakfast with my family, and we’re listening to a sermon on Bethel TV on an iPad, and Jesus spoke in my spirit, “My church must be in unity.” I was taken aback. I stopped everything I did at that time and asked Him what did it mean and He said, “My children need to stop fighting.”

Shortly after I went to switch on the TV to listen to some news. My attention went to this particular interview where a visiting professor from certain Singapore School of Medicine gave her opinion about the newly communicated Circuit Breaker measures for Singapore the day before. In the interview she said she was confident these measures will help flatten the curve, not to fully eradicate the virus, but will definitely help flatten the curve because it’s a simple math. Just when she said that, I sensed in my spirit, “no it won’t, it’s not a simple math issue”. And before I could even digest that, I received this revelation:

This pandemic is not natural, in fact many of us agree this is demonic. If so, then it takes supernatural power of God to end it. As an analogy, if we liken this pandemic to a normal flu, yes logical measures like resting, drinking enough fluid, eating food that is gentle to the digestion system, will take care of it. Just like what the governments around the world are trying to do and rightly so. But if this is the case, then Christ will not get the glory. People will contribute it to the logical measures and worldly wisdom.

However, if this pandemic is like cancer or other terminal diseases where doctors and experts pretty much say there’s nothing they can do about it, then the person who has that cancer will have to rely on supernatural healing by the power of Holy Spirit, whether through His prophets or through His touch directly. And this way, Christ will get the glory.

That confirms what I have been believing in my spirit and from many spiritual leaders around the world that this pandemic will be overcome through the power of Holy Spirit. Abba has been speaking to His people that there will be a great revival, a great outpouring of His Spirit. Ps. Niko Njotorahardjo has been sharing that God told him there will be the third Pentecost. But for this revival and third Pentecost to happen, it calls for unity for His church because anointing only flows when there’s unity (Psalm 133), and that unity is the unity with God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and with the member of the body of Christ (John 17:20-26).

Later that day, I went out with my family for a quick lunch and to buy some groceries. While I was in the carpark, as I was really troubled by what the Lord told me in the morning, I asked him when this pandemic crisis will end, and He said, “It’s up to My church. I have given My church all the power and authority. The sooner they get united in Me, the sooner this will end.” Then suddenly I felt like my eyes and mind were opened and I said to myself, “this is why no one (Christian leaders/ prophets especially) can really say the exact date and month of when this pandemic will come to an end. Because it’s up to us the church, it’s a blank cheque!”

“It’s up to My church. I have given My church all the power and authority. The sooner they get united in Me, the sooner this will end.”

The days before

I had been troubled for days about this crisis, how long this will last, in particular because He asked me to prepare a proposal that’s really bold to be presented to the top person in the company I work for. But I told Him no one will listen and accept the solution, unless they get desperate. But He told me to do the proposal anyway and almost right after He led me to read Hebrew 11. I did not know why but then verse 7 jumped at me: “By faith, Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.”

So I asked Him how long this pandemic crisis will last. He spoke to me about Joseph story in Genesis 37 and as I was doing research of COVID-19 for the proposal, I came across a news where it says, “seven years of work to improve economy is gone within a matter of a few months.” That’s just like Pharaoh’s dream in Genesis 37! And I heard Him in my spirit, “this is just the beginning of famine.” And He told me there will be a second round of outbreak coming.

That night I asked a minister of God, whose prophesies and teaching can be backed up with her ministry’s fruits. I asked her if Abba tell her how long this crisis will last, and she said, “No, He didn’t tell me an exact time but I just feel it will still be a few months… and the world will face other challenges after this too. We need to truly be strong in the Lord now more than ever!”

That somehow serves as the first confirmation of what I sensed in my spirit.

“Second round”

Sunday, 5 April 2020

The next day, I was browsing YouTube channel looking to listen to a “now” message from Abba’s generals and I came across Transformation Now Part 2 video. Che Ahn shared about the dragon spirit that’s really behind the coronavirus and the fact that dragon is a national symbol of China. But what caught my spirit was when Che Ahn prayed, in his prayer he said this toward the end, “… to protect us from the second round.” And I jumped and told my husband, “Did you hear that? Whether or not he realised it but he prophesied about the second round of outbreak!”

Meanwhile, I didn’t hear more from Abba and while reading the news, some places reported lesser case, it seemed this pandemic is under control. But I knew what I heard from Abba and I just felt something was amiss. One thing that brought suspicion is on the number of infected and death case by China. The fact that it has the world’s largest population and that the past historical reports showed the healthcare system there have been so overwhelmed, they couldn’t handle the situation, and that no cure has been found, I just can’t believe that the COVID-19 situation in China is under control and that the number of cases is lower than US or Italy.

I don't know if this related to the second round of outbreak - because Abba didn't say if the second outbreak is of coronavirus, or a new pandemic. Prophet Sadhu Sundar said God showed him another pandemic to come tat will sweep the whole earth, that is actually worse than coronavirus, and will make coronavirus like a child's play. He said God showed him that this new virus looks similar like the coronavirus, but comes with stings.

I then asked Abba where this new virus coming from and He only told me one word: mutation. It's a mutation from the coronavirus! That's why Prophet Sadhu said he saw that this new virus looked similar to the coronavirus.


Wednesday, 8 April 2020

This week was actually very busy for me, my boss just announced she’s leaving the company and there are many handover calls, not to mention the much chaos across teams because the company’s businesses are hit by this pandemic. So I haven’t followed the news very much. But yesterday, while taking a quick break, I just went to check the news and my attention was on China lifting up lockdown on Wuhan. And straight away, it alarmed my spirit. So I went to search news to see if my intuition was right. And here are what I found:

Basically those reports believe that China is lying about the number, the infection and spread is still going pretty badly, and doctors who tried to warn people have gone missing.

But now China has lifted up the lockdown. Thousands of people from Wuhan were travelling yesterday to other cities in China. And soon China might pressure nations to lift up bans from not allowing their people entry. I can only sense whatever measures governments around the world, resources, money, people, have imposed will go to waste. Abba hasn't shown me anything on this.

We need to pray. We need to be in unity in Christ. Jesus wants to work through us, but we need to stop fighting! It’s not about denomination, doctrine, organisation legacy. The church is about and only about Jesus! Jesus must get the glory!

“Chris will get the glory, Christ will get the glory”

24 March 2020

I woke up at 5 am per my usual time and after spending some time with Abba, I checked my phone and saw my good friend forwarded a message about Bill Gate’s view on the COVID-19, about what this virus is teaching us (which is actually a fake – read more here). After reading it, I actually couldn’t disagree to what’s being written, surely there are positive impact from this crisis like cleaner air, more time with family, etc. So I asked myself, “Hmm why didn’t I think of that about the virus?” because I thought of promoting that message in my social channel, and I heard the Holy Spirit speaking in me, “Because it’s not glorifying Jesus.” As usual, I was taken aback.

That’s true, it’s glorifying the coronavirus, not Jesus! True, God can use donkey, or fish, or king of Babylon to speak or teach His people a lesson (under Old Testament dispensation), but those things WERE from Him and this virus is not! I then recalled what Ps. Bill Johnson said in his recent sermon, “I refuse to give this virus glory!” Since then, I kept hearing in my spirit, “Christ will get the glory, Christ will get the glory.”

I just want to share this because as Christians we have more influence to this world, to the people around us more than we know. Be careful of what we share or forward, because it actually means we endorse and support the message. This is the time that the world will observe what we believers really believe. We need to demonstrate wisdom from above (James 3:17), not wisdom from this world, which that forwarded message might have and display.

Arise and shine!

I just want to close with Isaiah 61, the time is now, Abba wants me to remind you:

Arise, shine, for thy light is come and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee.

And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.

Church, be in unity and remember it's all about Jesus. The world needs us right now to bring the supernatural breakthrough for the end of this coronavirus pandemic.

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